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Erika Christensen Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Erika Jane Christensen is an American actress. She appeared in various films. “Traffic”, “Swimfan”, “The Banger Sisters”, “The Perfect Score” are some movies she starred on. As a popular person, she can’t avoid many rumors that approaching her. In recent years, her name was surprisingly listed among the plastic surgery users. Some people noticed that Erika Christensen has changed. They believed that Erika may get beauty enhancement to build up her attractive look. The boobs and the nose are the main parts of her bodies that possibly got works done. Erika Christensen plastic surgery had become warm topic in some forums.

Erika Christensen Breast Lift
Erika Christensen Breast Lift?

What did some experts said about Erika Christensen plastic surgery?

In 2007, Dr. Paul Nassif had ever shared his opinion about it. But, he didn’t think that Erika had gone under any procedures. Dr. Paul explained that Erika actually got nice skin and she is also a beautiful woman. She didn’t need any procedures yet. Dr. David Shafer from Manhattan also got the same idea as Dr. Paul. He didn’t see any surgery work on her appearance.

In the other hand, Dr. Sherrell J Aston got a bit different idea about Erika Christensen plastic surgery. Dr. Sherrel believed that Erika had repositioned he big boobs. The doctor thought if Erika may have breast lift. The doctor noticed that Erika’s current boobs got better position.

Erika Christensen Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor
Erika Christensen Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

How was Erika Christensen nose job?

This speculation is still debatable. Some people still believed it. She may have enhanced and refined the structure of the nose through rhinoplasty, Don’ you notice it? However this could be untrue. A plastic surgery expert, Dr. David Shafer gave his opinion about it. The doctor told if he didn’t notice any surgery on her face. But he would suggest rhinoplasty as a need to refine the tip of her nose.

What do you think of Erika Christensen plastic surgery? Was it fact or rumor?

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