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Exo Baekhyun Plastic Surgery Before and After

Baekhyun is one of the most popular members of EXO. He is a good friend to Luhan. many of his fans loved him so much. His cute looked had hypnothized thousand of girls not only in Korea but also from the other countries. Believe it or not, Baekhyun was also said as a plastic surgery users among the EXO members. from his before and after pitures, you might find interesting fact abut him, even though in truth, the speculation is still debatable.

EXO Baekhyun Plastic Surgery
EXO Baekhyun Plastic Surgery

Byun Baekhyun possibly got Korean plastic surgery favorite combos. it was seen from the shape of his nose and the eyes. It’sstrongly caused by double eyelid surgery and nose job. How do you feel about this? You might hace something to be said about this. let’s check this out.

Double eyelid surgery

This procedure had been done by many celebities, especily by the female actress ior singers. If you know IU or some members of Apink, Chorong and Naeun, they are some female celebrities who did the double eyelid surgery. How is Baekhyun? He probably did the procedure too. His eyes looked wider and more open in the after picture. To amke a better eyes should be the reason why he got this.

Baekhyun Plastic Surgery
Baekhyun Plastic Surgery

Nose Job

beside the double eyelid surgery, Baekhyun might also make his nose done through a nose job. did yousee the picture? You can find that he used to have bigger nose with rounder tip. In the after picture, the nose looked a bit slimmer that give effect to the tip too. Seeing from the front, it looked more pointed.

baekhyun plastic surgery is still discussed by some people. Is palstic surgery so popular in this country? it’s true. It has become a trend. Many people deided to go under the knife to get a more excellent look. You might also remeber a movie about a gilr and plastic surgery in “200 Pounds of Beauty”. Kim Ah joong is the star.

It won’t be too surprising if Baekhyun did the plastic surgery too,

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