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Kai EXO Plastic Surgery Before and After

Korean plastic surgery is no longer a new thread nowadays. This procedure has been so popularly done by many Korean celebrities from actor, actress, singers, etc. EXO, a Korean boy band appeared in many forums related to plastic surgery as well. he members were said having some plastic surgery to get better look. One of the most interesting among the chatters is Kai EXO Plastic surgery.

EXO Kai Plastic Surgery
EXO Kai Plastic Surgery

Kai is the member of EXO. His name was listed as one of singer who got more than on e surgery. The surgeries include nose job an d double eyelid surgery,a Korean plastic surgery combo.

Nose job is one plastic surgery favorite. Many people had gone under the same procedure. Lee Jong Suk, Lee Min Ho, Yoona SNSD are some of the Korean plastic surgery users.

Nose Job

Let’s see the changes in the picture. Compare to his previous look, Kai got a slimmer nose now. The people assumed that it was the result of nose job (rhinoplasty). The change looked match and good for his face. it showed that the good plastic surgery result done by the plastic surgeon might be the reason why a lot of people decided to reshape their nose.

Double eyelid surgery

Kai also might get double eyelid surgery on his face too. This plastic surgery had been done by most celebrities, One of the reason was to make their narrow eyes to be more beautiful by making them more open. Compare to his previous appearance, his current eyes looked beautiful and nice for his face.

Kai actually got cute lookwhen he was younger. Some people think that he didn’t need any surgery. What do you have in mind after seeing his current look? is it really the result of plastic surgery?

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