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EXO Luhan Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

We believed that you have known well who Luhan is. He is ex-member of EXO, a Korean music group. Luhan, 24, is actually cute and handsome in the eyes of his fans. Did he get plastic surgery to enhance his appearance ike common celebrities? Some of you might feel interested in this case. There’s away to find out. You can compare his before and after appearance. By comparing the pictures, it seems Luhan had already got Korean plastic surgery combo (nose job and double eyelid surgery.

EXO Luhan Plastic surgery
EXO Luhan Plastic surgery

It’s unfortunate that Luhan has no desire to explain about this case. However, the thread of Luhan Plastic surgery had become nice topic in some forums

Double eyelid surgery

you must have known this. Double eyelid surgery is one of the most popular procedure in Korea. Most of celebrities got this surgery to get better eyes. Luhan looked having this procedure as well. The double eyelid srgery made his eyes wider and nice. For many Korean people, the double eyelid surgery can make their eyes no longer narrow. Amazingly, most of the double eyeid procedure were done successfully. You can see how his eyes today. It looked better.

Luhan Plastic Surgery
Luhan Plastic Surgery

Nose Job

Luhan also got his nose done. It looked so obvious as the result of rhinolasty (medical word for nose job). The nose job made his nose slimmer. he used to have a bit bigger nose. we don’t think that it was the effect of lighting. A minor work of nose job is more reasonable.

beside those plastic surgery combo. He possibly got a chin implant too. You can see it easily. his chin looked more pointed that before. It made his face looked more oval.

Some or most of you might feel disagree with this speculations. You can share your opinion in the box then.


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