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Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery Before and After

Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery might be very possible. The talented celebrity from China looked so different if we compare her to the previous look. The people assumed that the surgery might be not only just a rumor. This beauty treatment should be behind her facial changes. The 33 years old actress seems having some procedures to keep her appearance more beautiful. The procedures could be double eyelid surgery, nose job and chin implants.

Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery
Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery

Double eyelid surgery

This kind of procedure was quite popular in East Asia, especially in Korea, Japan and China.  As you know that common people in these countries got narrow eyes. In Korea, some celebrities who were said having double eyelid surgery are IU, Park Min Young, Lee Bo Young, etc. Fan Bingbing might het this procedure too. If you take a look at her after picture,her eyes looked more open than before. The Hongkong actress, Angelababy also did the same thing.

Nose Job

Who doesn’t know nose job? It’s also called rhinoplasty. And this procedure is very popular among celebrities. Fan Bingbing nose job wa seen from the shape of her nose.It looked different from the nose she used to have. The new nose looked narrower with smaller tips.

Chin Implants

beside those double eyelid and nose job,the people also noticed that her chin looked different as well. This could be a chin implants procedure. As you see her current facial ship, it looked having more pointed chin.

Talking about her current appearance. She looked more beautiful. The surgery seems making her face more attractive. However, the changes looked too significant, some people even feel a bit hard to recognize her. What do you think?

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