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Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Breast Implants

Farrah Abraham is actually known as a young actress and model. She surprisingly surprised a lot of people when she was still teen. She was pregnant, and the father of the baby was killed in a car accident.
And several years later Farrah Abraham’s name raise up due to great news about her appearance and the plastic surgery. She was said having multiple procedures to enhance her look, even though she is still so young, 22. according to the news that spread, Farrah might get some procedures like nose job, boob job and the new one lip augmentation. Let see what she is like today.

Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery Nose Job an Lip Augmentation
Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery Nose Job an Lip Augmentation

Nose Job
the first procedure that she actually got after the couples of years was the nose job (medically known as rhinoplasty. In America, nose job is not a rare thing. Many celebrities, male or female had gone under this thing and reshape their nose. Abraham might get it one due to its trend. From the before after picture, it was seen that her current nose looked narrower than before. The nose job reshape the bridge to be smaller while the tip looked smaller.
talking about her nose, she actually didn’t have problem with the old one, however, the new one is not bad.

lip augmentation
in 2013 Farrah got her lip augmentation. As you see now, her lips looked thicker and fuller. Compared to her previous look, the old one with no augmentation is much better and more natural than her current lips

Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery Breast Implants
Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

breast implants
the breast implants (boob job) was clearly seen from the size of her breast. It looked twice bigger than before.Is it about sexiness? Some people criticized about her decision. Even though she got rounder and bigger breast, but it made her body unbalanced. The boobs looked too big for her slim body.

We can’t say that the plastic surgery she did was not good. Farrah just got it too deep. Because he could be better to stay in more natural way. unless, she did it because of her will to becomeĀ  more mature woman.

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