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Faye Dunaway Plastic Surgery Before and After

Faye Dunaway, 74, is a veteran actress. Like many veteran celebrities, Faye was also reported having some beauty enhancements. The speculation appeared after the people seeing her appearance. Faye looked having wrinkle-less and tight skin. It looked unusual for a common woman who was over 70. That’s why Faye Dunaway plastic surgery is strongly possible.

Faye Dunaway Plasti Surgery Before and After
Faye Dunaway Plasti Surgery Before and After

Faye Dunaway facelift and botox injection

The work of these procedures was seen clearly on her face. The combination of botox and facelift must have a big role. Her current face looks so tight without sagging skin. Compared to the other women in the same age, she looks too unusual. The sagging skin must be refined by the facelift. We also can’t see wrinkles on her forehead. This should be botox’ part.

However, we didn’t think that her work was a good one. Faye Dunaway plastic surgery went too aggressively. She lost her natural beauty.

Faye Dunaway plastic surgery facelift
Faye Dunaway plastic surgery facelift

a plastic surgeon, Dr. Matthew Schulman, share his opinion about Faye. The doctor noticed that Faye had fillers injection in some parts of her face. It included cheek and lips. The surface of those area looks fuller than before. It should be a work of juvederm or restylane. Did she get plastic surgery addict?

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