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FT Island Lee Hong Ki Plastic Surgery, Rumor or Fact?

Who doesn’t know this talented and cool guy? Lee Hong Ki  is a lead vocal of Korean Rock band, FT Island. And he is also good as an actor. You might ever watch his acting in a movie entitled “Rockin’ on Heaven’s Door”.

There’s an interesting news about him that made many people curious. Did Lee Hong Ki get plastic surgery so far? Lee Hong Ki Plastic Surgery had become nice thread in some discussion. Moreover, you have known that Korean Plastic Surgery is quite popular today. And it has been done by many Korean celebrities. SNSD, APINK, EXO are some groups of KPOP stars who were reported having plastic surgery.

Lee Hong Ki Plastic Surgery Rumor
Lee Hong Ki Plastic Surgery Rumor

And commonly, the procedures that they got included nose job and double eyelid surgery. How was Lee Hong Ki?

If you see his current appearance, we didn’t see any significant change on his appearance. Lee Hong Ki’s big eyes might be not a  double eyelid surgery result. He had already got big eyes since he was younger.

However, some people assumed about a nose job possibility. if you see his before and after picture, his nose looked bit narrower than before. The speculation about nose job was denied by his fans. They claimed that the change on his look was caused by lighting.

Talking about the plastic surgery that approached FT Island, the leader of the group, Choi Jung Hun stated that they didn’t do any plastic surgery. because they feel confident with their appearance.

Lee Hong Ki also denied the speculation. He even told the media that, he ever went to  a plastic surgeon clinic to ask about his appearance. And the doctor said that he didn’t need to fix anything.

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