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F(x) Krystal Jung Plastic Surgery, Fact or Rumor?

We believed that you know well about Krystal Jung. She is a member of F(x) and also Jessica Jung’s younger sister (Jessica is a former of SNSD). There’s a rumor that said the young lady had gone under some procedures to enhance her beauty. Did Krystal get plastic surgery?

Most of her fans think that the rumor was untrue. Therefore we will discuss about Krystal Jung Plastic surgery in this article. Some plastic surgery speculation that spreads included nose job, double eyelid surgery and teeth surgery too.

Krystal Jung Plastic Surgery
Krystal Jung Plastic Surgery

Double eyelid Surgery

Among the other kinds of surgeries, double eyelid surgery should be one of the most popular one. Most celebrities 9especially female) had gone under this procedure. Do you know Han Ye Seul? or Shin se Kyung? They are some actress who went under double eyelid surgery. In Korea, the procedure was done to make the narrow eyes to be more open.

Krystal might do the same. If you take a look at her picture in the before and after, you can see that her current eyes looked fresh and different. interestingly, the surgery was done pretty well. It looked so natural. However, her fans didn’t think the same way, they believed that it is the effect of make up.

F(x) Krystal Jung Plastic Surgery Before After
F(x) Krystal Jung Plastic Surgery Before After

Nose Job

Krystal might also get nose job. Krystal used to have wider nose with bigger tip. You may see the before picture. And what do you find in after picture? Her nose looked narrower now. The slimmer nose looked match and beautiful on her face. She looked so perfect,

And another surgery that she hot was the teeth surgery. If you see her current teeth, you will realize that it looked neat and arranged nicely. This could be done to make her appearance more attractive.

Like her sister, Jessica Jung, Krystal also got big advantage from plastic surgery.


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