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Gary Shandling Plastic Surgery Before and After

Garry Shandling is known best as an actor and also a comedian. In this old age, many people noticed that he had made fun with his appearance. How come? Garry Shandling was said having some procedures to get the best look when he is getting older. However, it didn’t run well (it seems like Mickey Rourke and plastic Surgery)He probably got botox injection, liposuction and necklift as well.

Garry Shandling Plastic surgery Before and After
Garry Shandling Plastic Surgery Before and After

who doesn’t know botox? this kind of procedure is quite popular due to it can help the users rejuvenate their look.In garry’s case, the sign of botox injection looked so obvious. It can be seen from his forehead area. He didn’t get clear wrinkles or lines on his face like common old man. But, the amount of botox seems a bit too much. his current face looked frozen and unnaturally tight.
a plastic surgeon, Dr.paul Nassif noticed the work too.he can see the botox done on his face.

Garry Shandling Plastic Surgery
Garry Shandling Plastic Surgery


this procedure was also strongly possible to be done by him. The necklift had tighten hi neck area. The necklift had tighten all the sagging skin.and made it fresher.It’s a bit shocking to see a 64 years old man having so fresh neck.


the liposuction was also mentioned as plastic surgeries that he got to rejuvenate his look. The lipo was done on his chin area. The lipo had removed the unneeded fat in this area, and made the shape of his face looked better.

Garry’s tight skin had surprised a lot of people. The people can understand that many celebrities had gone under the knife and save their appearance from the aging. But they also should control of what they do. Unless the overdone botox, Gary might be better.

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