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Gauri Khan Plastic Surgery Before and After

If you listen a name of Gauri Khan, you might wonder who she is. But if you listen a name “Shah Rukh Khan”, then you might think of big star on Bollywood. Gauri Khan is known best as Shah Rukh Khan dearest wife. Surprisingly, her name become hot news in recent years. It was caused by her current shocking appearance. Her face looked so tight, frozen and a bit swollen in some parts of her face. The people indicated that she got too much mount of Botox injected. Besides, there are also facelift and fillers possibility.

You can see the changes in the before and after picture. Gauri looked losing her natural beauty. is she obsessed to be younger woman?

Gauri Khan Plastic Surgery
Gauri Khan Plastic Surgery

Botox injection.
The sign of Botox was noticed from the surface of her forehead. We have already known well about Botox and how it works. The Botox users usually wants to get a rid all the annoying wrinkles on their face. By having the Botox they could get fresher look. Sadly, in Gauri’s case, the botox was one of the main factors which made her face so unnatural.


The facelift is actually a good partner for botox. Both procedure could magically change someone to be a younger and fresher person, if only they were done well. Gauri might get facelift on her face to fight the aging. Her face looked tight. Besides, because of her age, Gauri has enough reason to do it.

Fillers injection
Another procedure that was seen on her face today is the fillers injection. You can see from the shape of the cheek. It appeared fuller than before. Many people criticized her decision with this. Her cheek looked swollen.

In India plastic surgery is no longer new thing for the celebrity. Unlike the other popular people, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra or Ayesha Takia who got advantage from plastic surgery, Gauri looked having them a bit overdone.

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