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Gerald Posner Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Plastic surgery is not only popularly used by celebrities. It was also done by some politician or even authors. Gerald Posner, 60 is known well as an author and journalist. Despite his age which is getting older, he didn’t look like common man in the same age. Gerald looked having tight facial skin. Some people noticed that his current appearance looked frozen and unusual. Therefore, in some discussion, Gerald Posner plastic surgery become nice topic to discuss

Gerald Posner Plastic Surgery
Gerald Posner Plastic Surgery

Considering from his look and the age, it seems he had already gone under some plastic surgeries . He might get facelift, botox and fillers injection too. These speculation is reasonable. If you see his before and after picture, you might realize that this speculation might be  not just a rumor.

Gerald Posner plastic Surgery through facelift and botox injection

Facelift and botox are no longer new things. Both procedures have been known as a great combination. Some celebrities had felt the sensation. But some others thought that they were on the wrong path to do those things.

Gerald Posner Plastic Surgery Before and After
Gerald Posner Plastic Surgery Before and After

Gerald Posner’s current face looked so tight. It didn’t have any sagging skin. He also got no wrinkles on his face. There’s only one reason that could solve it, plastic surgery. the facelift might have taken a role in rejuvenating his face. Facelift must have retightened his face to be like that. However, the people criticized that he got an overdone work with facelift. they also told that the botox injection on his face made him even more unnatural.

beside the facelift, he might also get fillers injection. You might notice the filers work from the shape of his cheek. The cheek looked so full. Juvederm or restylane might be kinds of fillers he had used.

Many people questioned about it. Was he really obsessed to be younger? Share your opinion about Gerald Posner Plastic Surgery in the available box

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