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Giuliana Rancic Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Giuliana Rancic had already enhanced her appearance. You might realize the differences after seeing her before and after picture. She maintained her beautiful look through some procedures. She got botox injection, lip augmentation and nose job.

Giuliana Rancic Plastic Surgery Before and After
Giuliana Rancic Plastic Surgery Before and After


this is strongly possible that Giuliana Rancic got botox injection so far. when the age has been 40 years old today, she still appeared with a very smooth and flawless look. On the forehead area, she didn’t look having any wrinkles and lines. Those signs of aging could be removed by the botox injection regularly. Moreover, American people had already known that botox had been used by a lot of people especially the celebrities.

Lip augmentation

the second change that was a bit obvious was the lip augmentation. If you take a look at the before and after picture, you will see how the lips treated. It become more nutritious now. This could be the effect of fillers injection or a lip implants. Even though this procedure is not really popular, but some people would love to get it to make a sexier lips.

Giuliana Rancic Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Giuliana Rancic Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Nose Job
another enhancement which made appearance different was the nose job. This procedure looked very obvious seeing from the shape of her current nose. compare to the previous one, the new nose looked pretty straighter and narrower now. the bridge could be done by a skillful plastic surgeon.

What did the people say about her surgery? Some people didn’t agree with her decision to enhance the appearance. They like her previous appearance better than the new one. However, Giuliana looked more confident with them.She looked ignoring what people said.

What do you think of this? Do you think that she needed to get enhancements?

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