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Goo Hara KARA Plastic Surgery Before and After

Goo Hara is known as a member of KARA, a Korean girl Band. Beside her great talent, she is also very attractive, sexy and good looking. In fact, behind her beautiful face, she admitted that she had gone under some plastic surgery procedures to make a best look.

It’s so fortunate that, the viewers and Kpop lovers didn’t need to have great debate about the change on her appearance. Goo Hara actually admitted some procedures including, double eyelid surgery, teeth surgery and some works on the nose and the lip.

Goo Hara Plastic Surgery Before After
Goo Hara Plastic Surgery Before After

From her confession, it showed that plastic surgery in Korea was no longer a rumor. This country got a lot of plastic surgery users.

Double eyelid surgery

This kind of procedure is really popular in Korea. When the common Korean people has narrow eyes, some celebrities had taken a race to make their eyes wider and look more beautiful. You may know IU (Lee Ji Eun) or Sandara Park who was said getting double eyelid surgeries as well. Seeing from the before and after picture. it looked really significant.

Teeth surgery

For a perfectness of face, some people will get their teeth done. As celebrity who i quite popular, who wanted bad teeth show on TV? Goo hara admitted that she got this one and make abetter look of teeth. It’s a really nice work. Some people wondered how painful the teeth surgery is. they appreciated her will.

Goo Hara Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Goo Hara Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Nose Job and lip augmentation

In this case she explained that she got some fillers injection on her nose to change the shape of it. She didn’t mention on a nose job (rhinoplasty). However, from some point of view, it seems the narrower bridge nose she got could be a nose job. While the fillers injection might also work on her lips. it looked fuller and looked sexier too. Did you notice it?

Talking about the fact that she went under the knife, Goo Hara’s fans most;ly stated that, they loved her just the way she is, and they never think to leave her even though she took any procedures on her appearance.

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