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Gordon Ramsay Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

The professional and popular chef, Gordon Ramsay looked fresher and more yoithful lately. There’sa big indication that he had gone under the knife to control the aging problem. The before and after picture will show us how successful the work is. Some plastic surgery that he got included facelift, botox, fillers injection and veneers.

Gordon Ramsay Plastic Surgery Before and After
Gordon Ramsay Plastic Surgery Before and After

Facelift and Botox
these two procedure had great influence in Gordon’s fresh look. as many people know that facelift and botox had been used by a lot of people to fight aging. The facelift helped Gordon by tightening his sagging skin.
while the botox injection had overtaken his upper face. It decreased the wrinkles and lines o his forehead. However, in some of views, he looked a bit unnatural. He himself even claimed that he is not satisfied with the result.The side effect of the procedure could be the difficulty in moving his face. Because it looked a bit frozen.

Gordon Ramsay Plastic Surgery
Gordon Ramsay Plastic Surgery


Fillers injection
this kind of procedure was certainly used on his face. He explained that some parts of his face looked having a lot of crevices. And he used fillers injection to removed those. One of the area that got fillers injection was the crevice under his chin.It had been cover with fillers. It no longer exist.


another enhancement that Gordon got was the veneer. it helped him to refresh and makes his teeth better.

Further, talking about the plastic surgery, Gordon claimed that Simon Cowell was the one who suggested him to go under the knife. Gordon might feel a bit disappointed with it, but as we know that plastic surgery was an option which has risk. Gordon had chosen the option and he needed to accept it no matter how disappointing it is.

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