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Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants, Nose Job

Gwen Stefani could be one of the hottest news recently. A lot of people was made surprised due to her appearance. Even though Gwen has been 45 years old, but she didn’t look that old. Therefore, many people started a discussion and judged whether she got some enhancements through her appearance. they believed that she had gone under some plastic surgeries.

Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery Before and After
Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery Before and After


Gwen, 45,  might get an amount of botox in recent years. Her appearance didn’t look usual. She looked having smooth appearance. There’s no wrinkles or even lines left on her face. This could be the effect of botox injection. Gwen might enjoy her appearance. She looked very fresh today.

Nose job

Rejuvenating her look through botox might be one of procedure that she took. Gwen also got an enhancement on her nose. If you compare between her before and after picture, you will see the difference. She used to have a wider nose and the tip also looked a bit more bulbous. After the nose job, it got narrower bridge, while the tip also got smaller.

Gwen Stefani Breast Implants
Gwen Stefani Breast Implants

Further, the people also assumed about a breast implants (boob job) possibility. Gwen’s current breast looked so tight and perfectly rounded. It actually built up her sexiness level. But it also created various controversial comments from the public.

Gwen has not responded this news yet. But Seeing the picture, it seems the surgery could be very possible to be done. What do you have in mind about Gwen and her plastic surgery?

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