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Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Before After Nose Job

Halle Maria Berry is always attractive and hot in the eye of the people and her fans. She is also known as a former model. She is currently 48 years old. but her appearance still looked sexy, gorgeous and youthful. The people really love her.

Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Talking about her beauty, Halle Berry is not far from plastic surgery activities. And a nose job (rhinoplasty) was said as one of plastic surgery enhancement that she got. Halle Berry seems enjoying her current appearance with the new nose.

You can compare her before and after picture. Halle Berry used to have a wide nose with a more bulbous tip. Lik other American celebrities, Halle Berry took a rhinoplasty and change the shape of the nose.

In America rhinoplasty or nose job has become phenomenon. Most celebrity had already tried this. An most of the user made their nose narrower and made it more pointed too. Halle berry did the same thing. nowadays she got a more pointed nose, she no longer had a bulbous tip. It has been smaller now.

Compare to her previous nose, the new one looked better. Halle Berry looked having a more elegant which is match to her ace. she did a good work. And she must be very pleased to the doctor she hired.


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