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Han Ga In Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose job

Han Ga-In, is another name of Korean actress who got personal body enhancements through plastic surgery. This speculation appeared when seeing her before and after picture. It seems she got some procedures like double eyelid surgery and a nose job (rhinoplasty).

It’s not too surprising to know that many Korean people got plastic surgery. Because in this country the rate of plastic surgery users is quite high.

Han Ga In Plastic Surgery Before After
Han Ga In Plastic Surgery Before After

However, it brought a big controversial news among the the people. Han Ga In’s fans might feel it too. Most of the fans didn’t believe that Han Ga in took a procedure under the knife and made her self more perfect.

Double eyelid surgery
Han Ga In seems having double eyelid surgery to make her eyes bigger. This procedure is quite popular among the Korean actress. You might know other celebrities like IU, or Park Min Young. Interestingly, the plastic surgery looked never happen. it’s a perfect work.

Han Ga In Plastic Surgery Nose job
Han Ga In Plastic Surgery Nose job

This is another plastic surgery that she got, a nose job (rhinoplasty). Han Ga In’s nose looked different from she used to have. In the past, her nose got pig-nose shape (flat). Then, it got slimmer down shape on the bridge area. It also appeared with a smaller tip. It looked more pointed now.

Did you notice the change on her appearance? It’s so unfortunate that she didn’t give any explanation. But his news should have disturbed her a lot.


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