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Haylie Duff Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Chin Implants

Haylie Duff is known best as an actress and also an older sister to Hilary Duff. it seems plastic surgery was not only done by her younger sister, Hilary, but Haylie seems did it as well. many people question who is the first one who influence. Did Haylie got surgery first? or Hilary?

By comparing her before an after pictures, it seems Haylie got 2 obvious surgery on her face. It was seen from the shape of the nose and the chin too. It probably chin implants and nose job.

Haylie Duff Nose Job
Haylie Duff Nose Job

Nose Job
if you compare between her before and after picture, you will see how well the nose job (rhinopalsty) performed. Haylie used to have a wider nose (see also the two “ala” position). After the nose job, her nose now looked slimmer and a bit straighter. From the front and side, her nose looked more pointed.

Haylie Duff Plastic Surgery Chin Implants
Haylie Duff Plastic Surgery Chin Implants

Chin implants.
and another change was seen on the shape of her chin. This kind of surgery could change the shape of someone’s face. In Haylie’s current appearance, she got a more pointed shape of chin.

Haylie actually chose to ignore all the speculations about the surgery. She let the people keep guessing and judging. It seems she also still enjoyed her appearance so far.

This brings a lot of controversial statements from the people. Some people didn’t think that the plastic surgery was good for her, even though it looked done well. They loved the old Haylie with no surgery.But some others think that the surgery was an option. And they understood that Haylie might want to rebuild a new image of her shape with new look.

Do you think that she looked better now? Share your opinion then.

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