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Hedy Lamarr Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift

One of the most beautiful woman in the world, the Late Hedy Lammar had an interesting story about her beauty and plastic surgery. The lady who was born in 1914 was said having some plastic surgery procedures to enhance her appearance. She looked very beautiful for a long time. However, in her old days, she didn’t get nice thing on her appearance.

Hedy Lamarr Plastic Surgery
Hedy Lamarr Plastic Surgery


As many people have known, Hedy Lamar has a very attractive and gorgeous look. Many people loved her so much. There’s n doubt if she reconsidered to get tighter skin when her age was getting older and older. From the pictures from time to time, her face looked very well-maintained. And if you take alook at her  picture, you can see how well her facial skin look like. The facelift had already tightened her facial skin and removed the sagging skin.

Unfortunately, the plastic surgery was not good anymore for her in later years. In the picture of her taken from the site (, it was seen that Hedy Lamarr looked having an overdone work.

Arlene Roxbury in interview
Arlene Roxberry in interview

In an interview (exclusively reported by, her friend Arlene Roxbury stated that she should be better if she didn’t go under the knife. So sad, Hedy got a wrong plastic surgeon in her old days.

plastic surgery had its own important role in Hollywood. And it has been considered as the best way to maintain someone’s beauty and appearance. This thing is even done not only by old people, but also the young one.

Hedy Lamarr Last Photo

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The late Hedy Lamarr past away in 1999. She must be missed by a lot of her fans and friends. The people might never forget about her amazing beauty that ever hypnotized the people in her era.

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