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Helen Hunt Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Helen Hunt Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Helen Hunt is an American screenwriter, film director, and actress. She has starred in Mad About You, Cast Away, Pay It Forward, and What Women Want. She is known for her remarkable beauty and her incredible talent as an actress. But fans were shocked back in 2009 when she looked old and nearly unrecognizable. There are speculations about why.

The one everyone believe is that Helen Hunt has previously gotten plastic surgery. Now everyone thinks that she has gotten both the good and the bad out plastic surgery procedures, being lucky enough to have her looks restored and not hurt more than they were. Now it seems as if the 51-year-old actress is enjoying her beautiful looks once again after another round of plastic surgery.

For some quick background: Helen Hunt is very likely to have gotten plastic surgery done back in 2009, but there were poor results. Her face actually ended up looking older and she look closer to being in her 60s or 70s instead of being in her 40s. She looked this old because her neck and face were full of wrinkles and her cheeks seemed like they were hollow.

So what procedures is Helen Hunt likely to have actually gotten done recently?

She most likely got a face lift, a neck lift, fillers, and some Botox injections done in order to fix the way she looked. For a comparison as to how bad the first round of procedures was, here is a picture of Helen Hunt back in 2009 like versus what she currently looks like now.

Helen hunt plastic surgery before and after
Helen hunt plastic surgery before and after

Helen Hunt Facelift and Botox

After seeing these two pictures side-by-side, it may be easier to believe that she truly did have plastic surgery done on her face – not once, but twice.

As you can see, her face was sagging quite a bit after the first attempt at plastic surgery. Now that she has gotten a good face lift done, she looks much younger once again. Her skin once again is no longer sagging and looks well-filled out instead of just being skin.

You can also tell that she got a neck lift. Her neck was more wrinkled and saggy as well back in 2009. It looked like it was almost just skin there without having anything to fill in her neck fully. However, she now has smooth-looking skin that looks much tighter than it did previously on both her face and neck. This has helped look much, much younger than she did after what many believe was her first plastic surgery.

In order to sort of refresh her face, she got Botox injections done as well. This procedure removed some of the lines and wrinkles that had been forming on her face, especially the sagging from the first procedure. It helps to keep her face looking younger.

If you look closely, you can tell that there is a lack of wrinkles around her eyes, cheeks, and forehead now as compared to just a few years ago. This is why it is commonly believed that she does, in fact, do Botox injections. It also sort of seems like her face is stiff at times. But that can be contributed to having to deal with paparazzi and interviewers constantly instead.

Helen hunt plastic surgery before and after piicture
Helen hunt plastic surgery before and after piicture

Helen Hunt also probably got some filler injections on her face. If you look at her cheek area, you can see it looks a bit more filled out than it was before. It helps to make her look much younger, especially when your cheeks are no longer sagging at a fairly young age. They weren’t terribly hollow-looking, but looked like they were becoming that way quickly.

Her cheekbones also look at least a little bit higher than they used to be, so it makes it all the more likely that she got fillers in her cheeks. High cheekbones are often a sign of being an attractive women according to many people and forms of media, so it is possible that she got this done to continue looking attractive, something she is often noticed and acknowledged for.

A few also believe that she got a nose job done as her nose from when she was young compared to her nose now looking slightly different. It looks almost as if her nose now has become thinner and potentially more pointed than it was when she starting her acting career. This could just be due to age or the added wrinkles and lines upon her face now that she is older making it appear as if it has changed.

These combinations of plastic surgery procedures have greatly restored her face to look closer to an age that she actually is. It’s also not remarkably overdone or anything. By this I mean it doesn’t look as if the actress is trying to pass as in her 20s or 30s when she is truly in her 50s. She look her age but she looks confident and beautiful, something aging women often struggle with, regardless of status.

Helen Hunt Now

Helen Hunt so far is aging quite gracefully. As mentioned, she isn’t trying to look like she is in her 20s or 30s. She has also not gotten any butt or breast implants or any nose jobs done. She still looks like she is naturally aging, even if she has gotten procedures done on her face. She is aiming to look her age and not much younger than that – something to be well respected for when many women often try to look 20 years younger once again or when people believe you should strive to look younger as you age.

In fact, the rest of her body appears to be aging quite well. If you look back at the picture of her when she got the first surgery done in 2009, her body still looks pretty young and smooth. It’s likely she doesn’t feel the need to get surgeries done on the rest of her body because she doesn’t need them for any reason – especially not now that she has gotten older and operations tend to be much more risk-filled the older you are.

She has also said in an interview that she has not gone under the knife before. As of now, it does not appear as if she has any intentions to, which may be for the best when thinking of all the risks of such procedures being done when they are only for cosmetic purposes. It’s also likely why she has gotten injections done instead of doing lots of implants, face shaping, and other operations like that to her face that some of her fellow stars and celebrities have gotten done in the past.

She is one of those lucky to have gotten such good work done in order to fix previous bad work done on her face. Others who this sort of thing has happened to have not always been able to correct it so nicely or have been able to have their looks restored.

It is a relief to many fans of Helen Hunt that she is still shining brightly amongst many of the Hollywood stars, which may be in part due to her corrected looks after the first plastic surgery disaster she went through. Although some may believe that she isn’t going to be acting for much longer due to her age, there are still plenty of roles in films for those who are above 50 to play a part in.

What do you think of Helen Hunt’s current looks? Do you think she made a good decision to find a better plastic surgeon and get it done once again? Do you think she’ll still be able to land leading roles or at least major roles in movies? Let us know in the comments below!


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