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Howard Stern Plastic Surgery Before and After

American people might be so proud of this man, Howard Stern. Howard is known best as a true entertainer. He was earlier popular for his role in radio shows. And now he is on his popular TV Show entitled “Howard Stern on Demand” (since 2005). Howard Stern is not young anymore.

He has been 61 years old. In his old days, Howard stern looked struggling to keep his face more youthful. Some medias even reported him having some plastic surgery procedures. It was seen from his face. He might get facelift, nose job and liposuction as well.

Howard Stern Plastic Surgery
Howard Stern Plastic Surgery


This procedure is quite popular. And many old celebrities, male or female did the same way. They got facelift to keep their face younger. The facelift works by re-tightening the facial skin. However, his decision to get this surgery was a bad decision. The people criticized the work. The facelift didn’t work well. His face even looked frozen. It reminded us to Axl Rose who looked weird after surgery.

Howard Stern Nose Job
Howard Stern Nose Job

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

You might realize the change on the shape of the nose by seeing the before and after picture. The King of media, Howard Stern might get a nose job to make his nose narrower. As you know that Howard used to have a wider nose with smaller bump (crook) on the bridge. Now his nose looked a bit straighter.


Further, Howard also got liposuction too. The work was seen from the shape of his face. Earlier, his chin looked double because of the fat. The lipo looked done nicely. His facial shape looked nice. And the chin was no longer double right now.

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