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Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After

Hunter Tylo is one of the most surprising actress who went under the knife. A lot of people feel shocked after knowing their idol enhancing her appearance with plastic surgery. Sadly, the rreslt of the plastic surgery is not as gooas she expected. She looked so frozen and plastic. Hunter tylo got some plastic surgery procedures including facelift botox fillers injection and breast implants too.

Hunter tylo Plastic Surgery before and After
Hunter tylo Plastic Surgery before and After

the first procedure that she got was facelift. This procedure was commonly used to tighten the skin of the face. Hunter Tylo’s face looked very obvious as the result of facelift. t looked so tight and frozen. her face had lost the natural beauty like she had in the past.Hunter might be not the only one who felt disappointing. Many people, especially the fans also feel disappointed for her decision and the fail plastic surgery.

the botox injection had made her forehead looked so smooth. Due to an amount botox injected, th wrinkles and lines can’t be found. it looked completely smooth.

Fillers injection
now, take a look at her cheek and the lip area. If you compared the before and after picture, you will see that, the shapes of the cheek and lips from both picture looked different. The lip and the cheek in the after picture looked fuller than before. this was indicated as the effect of fillers injection.

Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery Breast Implants
Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Breast implants.

Hunter Tylo also got her breast implants. By seeing her current breast size, you might understand. the size of the breast looked bigger and rounder. Unfortunately, the result of the breast implants looked weird and no match to her body.

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