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Hyomin T-ARA Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

T-ARA is one of the most popular girl band in Korea. This girl band also has attractive, talented and beautiful members. One of the members, Hyomin had already told the public about her secret of beauty. The Korean singer told that plastic surgery had made her appearance better than before.

Seeing from the before and after pictures, it seems, Hyomin got some common procedures that were done by Korean celebrities. She actually got nose job and double eyelid surgery.

Hyomin T-ARA Plastic Surgery before and After
Hyomin T-ARA Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nose Job

Hyomin used to have flatter nose (it looked like pig-nose). This could be the reason why she got a nose job. After the rhinoplasty, her nose had been reshaped with a new shape. Her nose looked more pointed and slimmer down. seen from the front, her nose looked better and more elegant.

Double eyelid surgery

beside restructuring the shape of the nose, she also had done something on her eyes too.Like a magic, double eyelid surgery had made her eyes more open and fresh. Compared to her previous eyes, the new one looked cuter.
of course the little changes on the eyes and the nose created a new image for herself. She didn’t look like the same woman.

Hyomin T-ARA Plastic Surgery
Hyomin T-ARA Plastic Surgery

Beside those, there’s also a possibility of chin implants. You can see that the shape of her face looked more “V”. The shape of the chin looked more pointed now.

She looked so different, didn’t she? What do you think of her transformation?


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