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Hyoyeon SNSD Plastic Surgery Before and After

Korea and plastic surgery might have a really good relationship. Some of Korean celebrities are listed as the plastic surgery users in this country. And you already know that, the procedures looked very successful. You might know Hyuna of 4 Minutes or IU (Lee Ji Eun). Both of them might have felt the plastic surgery sensations.

Another member of SNSD (Girl’s Generation), Kim Hyoyeon was also reported as a plastic surgery patients among the members. You need to take a look at her in before and after pictures. You can find that, Hyoyeon looked different. The changes on her appearance was clearly seen. They are the nose, the lips and the eyes.

Hyoyeon SNSD Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Hyoyeon SNSD Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Nose Job

This kind of procedure had reshped her nose. From the before and after picture, you can see that she used to have a wider nose and looked flat due to her bulbous tip. The nose job (rhinoplasty) seems done well. It made her nose become narrower and got a more pointed nose.

Hyoyeon Plastic Surgery Before and After
Hyoyeon Plastic Surgery Before and After

Double Eyelid Surgery and Lips Injection
Hyoyeon’s current eyes also looked getting an enhancement. Like common Korean celebrities, she looked having double eyelid surgery to make her eyes perfect. we are very impressed with the result, She looked so beatiful after getting some enhancements. she also become more confident, especially as a member of SNSD, one of the most adorable girl band in South Korea.

Hyoyeon might also do another enhancement on her lips. If you noticed it well, it certainly looked fuller than usual. By having that lips, she looked sexier and hotter in charm rate.

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