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Ian Somerhalder Plastic Surgery Before and After, Fact or Rumor?

Ian Somerhalder is known well as a talented actor. He also got good look that supported his career as a star. Now he has been 35. Some people notice that the Vampire diaries star looked changed a lot. In this age, he appeared with a younger look and fresh. The people indicated that he might do some plastic surgery procedures to enhance his appearance. He might get botox injection and jaw implants.

Ian Somerhalder Plastic Surgery Before and After
Ian Somerhalder Plastic Surgery Before and After

Botox Injection

Ian’s current appearance looked smooth and flawless. The indication of botox injection is strongly possible. Compare to his previous look, his current appearance is more like botox result. His face didn’t look saggy. His face looked tight without any wrinkles.  If the speculation was true. He might be obsessed to stay ever-new. He is so lucky that the botox didn’t make any bad effect on his face.

Ian Somerhalder Plastic Surgery
Ian Somerhalder Plastic Surgery

Further, there was also a big possibility that he got jaw implants. The shape of his face today looked having a stronger jaw. But, not all the people seems agree with this speculation, some of them think that it could be growth effect.

Talking about the change of his appearance, Ian had denied all. He claimed that he didn’t go under the knife. What do you think of it?did you see any plastic surgery activity on his face?


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