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IU Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Eyelid Surgery

IU (Lee Ji-eun) is popular young lady in Korea today, she She is well known as a singer. And she also looked great in acting. She is a really pure jewel in that country. As a popular woman who is watched by a lot of viewers and fans, IU can’t avoid any kinds of rumors. She was said having some plastic surgery for her own body enhancement. This topic began to rise in recent years. Moreover, she lived in Korea, a country in East Asia which was said as one of the biggest plastic surgery users in Asia.

IU Plastic Surgery Before and After
IU Plastic Surgery Before and After

According to the news and rumors, IU was said having some plastic surgery procedures including nose job and eyelid surgery procedures. Was that true?

eyelid surgery
eyelid surgery isa a very common procedures that was done by Korean people . As you know already that common Korean people has narrow eyes. The eyelid surgery user will make their eyes more open to show the beauty. It reminded us to Park Min Young who went under the same procedure, and she get the best appearance today.

In IU’s case, she might get this procedure too. By comparing the pictures before and after, you’ll find that she got different eyes now. Her face just looked cuter than before.

IU Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture
IU Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

beside that, there was also an enhancement seen from her face. It’s her nose, Did you see the the difference? It seems her nose became a bit thinner with a smaller size of tip. The nose job (rhinoplasty) might be behind this.

IU is a really attractive woman. With those enhancements she looked prettier and looked more mature now.How ever some of her fans have a doubt about it. they believe that the change on hher appearance was the way of make up effect.


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