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Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Before and After

Ivanka trump, the young businesswoman and also Donald trump’s daughter recently became hot topic among the chatters and netizen. Ivanka Trump is actually a gorgeous former model. However, behind her beauty and youthful look, the people noticed that she got plastic surgery as enhancements. Even though plastic surgery needs a lot of money to spend, in truth, she didn’t have any problem with that.

The people assumed that the 33 years old lady had gone under some procedures like nose job and boob job (breast implants)

if you take a look at the before and after picture, you will see the significant change clearly.

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Nose job
Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Nose job

Nose Job
This popular procedure could be seen in the before and after pictures. Ivanka used to have a cute nose with a little bump on the bridge. Then, what do you see in the after picture? The bump had disappeared. A nose job might have removed the bump.Seeing from the nose, she might do double nose job (rhinoplasty). It look narrower and straighter. The second nose job made her nose slimmer. Some people think that the first nose job looked better than the second one.

Ivanka Trump Breast Implants
Ivanka Trump Breast Implants

Boob job

Ivanka might also got boob job (best known as breast implants). Seeing from the pictures, the change looked so clear. The current boobs looked having bigger breast. She might want to have sexy and curvy body. we guessed she just did something good. she might be happy to have that big boobs, She even looked more confident with that.

Talking about her appearance. The people actually got one question. Why did she need to do those things? Did she really want to be sexy woman? Honestly, Ivanka still looked very attractive without plastic surgery.


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