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Jada Pinkett Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jada Pinkett Smith is known well as an actress, Will smith’s wife, and jaden’s mother. Jada was brought to this site due toher relation with plastic surgery activities. Many medias reported that Jada looked changes a lot and she looks like someone else today. The big change on her appearance was cause by fail plastic surgeries. Let see the explanation below that told the plastic surgeries she had gone wrong. Some plastic surgeries that Jada took are Botox, cheek Implants and facelift.

Jada Pinkett Plastic Surgery
Jada Pinkett Plastic Surgery

Like many celebrities, probably the main reason why they got facelift was the aging. Jada Pinkett might have felt that she got older from time to time. and she also might feel that her facial skin got sagging.
the facelift made her face tighter and fresh. But, some people criticized that the facelift she took might be done too early. She lost her natiral smile line. It looked frozen

Botox Injection
if someone did facelift, commonly they will do botox injection as well. Jada Pinkett might do this too. the botox injection completely made her forehead turned flawless with no lines or wrinkles. The wrinkles must have been covered with the injected botox in it.

Jada Pinkett Plastic Surgery Before After
Jada Pinkett Plastic Surgery Before After

Cheek Implants
From the three procedures that she took. the cheek implants could be the greatest problem on her face. The cheek implement was not done in the right time and in the right position. The cheek implant she got looked weird. The cheek look so plump and a bit unnatural. from some of views the plastic surgeries she got made her lost the natural beauty. Some people even said that Jada looked even older than she should be.

some media also reported that her relationship problem with Will Smith was caused by these. What do you think???

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