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January Jones Plastic Surgery Before and After

January Jones is known well as an attractive American actress. She is currently 37 years old. She is best known for her role in “Mad Men” (2010-2015). She played as Betty Draper. Talking about her appearance, there was an interesting part of her life that made a lot of people wondered. This is about her and plastic surgery possibility. However, she denied this speculation. She told the media that she was not interested in doing any kinds of surgery procedure. Despite she denied the thread, January Jones plastic surgery, some media still believed that she had done some. It was noticed from the shape of her nose and the forehead. There was a big possibility of rhinoplasty and botox injection.

January Jones Plastic Surgery Nose job
January Jones Plastic Surgery Nose job

January Jones nose job was done well?

The sign of this procedure looks obvious. You may try to compare the before and after picture. You might notice that her current nose got slimmer shape. A plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Nassif, even shared his opinion. Reported in makemeheal, Dr. Nassif noticed that her nose’ bridge looked slimmer. He believed if it was cause by a conservative nose job. And he appreciated the result of the job. In another hand, Dr. Michael Salzhauer also got the same idea.

Dr. Michael doesn’t only notice the nose job result, but he also believed if the 37 years old actress was benefited from the botox injection. This could be the reason behind her smooth look. Don’t you see? The botox itself has been used by a lot of people. The main factor of having botox injection was the wrinkles. This procedure could hide any wrinkles on the face. If only the speculation about botox was true, she should be grateful that it was done nicely and not overdone. Unlike some other celebrities who chose the wrong steps.

What do you think of January Jones plastic surgery?

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