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Jenna Jameson Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After

Jenna Jameson is known best as a former model and actress for adult entertainment. But we won’t talk about her career. We will focus on the change of her appearance. In recent years, Jenna Jameson had changed a lot. And now she is almost unrecognizable. It is strongly plastic surgery result. However the procedures seems had gone wrong.

By comparing the before and after picture, Jenna might do some surgeries including botox, fillers injection, breast implants and nose job too.

Jenna Jameson Plastic Surgery Before and After
Jenna Jameson Plastic Surgery Before and After

It is actually not too surprising to know that a celebrity got botox injection. Of course, they mostly got the botox in order to fight the aging. By having the botox injection, they could make their face fresher. It removed the wrinkles and the lines on her forehead. Jenna who has been 40 years old today looked having the botox and refresh her face.

Fillers injection
the botox injection might be the best thing that she could so. She didn’t get any good advantages in the further procedures. The fillers injection is a factor that causes her face not beautiful and natural like she used to be.
on her face, she probably got the fillers on her cheek and the lips too. As the result, the cheek now looked fuller, The shape of the cheek didn’t look good for her face. It even made her image so unnatural and plastic. Moreover, the fillers also made her lips got bad shape.

Jenna Jameson Plastic Surgery
Jenna Jameson Plastic Surgery

Nose Job
now, take a look at the shape of her nose. Did you see any difference? Yes, the new nose looked having slimmer bridge. The rhinoplasty had nicely cut the ti too. The shape looked nice. unfortunately, many people claimed that the previous nose looked much better.She actually didn’t need to go under this procedure.

Jenna Jameson Breast Implants
Jenna Jameson Breast Implants

another obvious change on her body was the breast size. She might got the breast implants in the beginning of her career as a hot actress. The boob job should be done for supporting her career. Having big boobs had made her sexiness level increased. However, in some points of views,her breast looked too big for her slim body.

Jenna Jameson got drastic change with plastic surgery. In truth, this was not good choice.  She looked older than she should be. What do you think of her appearance?


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