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Jennifer Esposito Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

What is the first word you think of plastic surgery? How if the plastic surgery didn’t go as you expected? You might feel very depressed or regretful. That’s why many people said that plastic surgery could be a good friend but also could be a cruel foe.

Jennifer Esposito is listed among the plastic surgery’s victim. And she had already admitted that she went under the knife several years ago.

What happen to her?

Jennifer Esposito, 41, had ever told publicly that she got enhancement to refine her look and stay youthful. Jennifer got plastic surgeries including, botox and facelift.

Jennifer Esposito Plastic surgery Before After
Jennifer Esposito Plastic surgery Before After

Those two kinds of procedure were two popular procedures to fight aging. She might think that she could keep her beautiful look. Unfortunately the surgeries made it even worse.

botox injection
Botox is the first procedure that she got. She must have a reason to get botox injection. She got the sign of aging on her face. However, the wrinkles and the lines was removed so unnaturally. She got too much amount of botox. It caused her face looked too tight and too smooth. Her face looked so frozen. She might realize that she just made a bad decision, but she is still so confident.

Jennifer esposito plastic surgery before after facelift botox
Jennifer esposito plastic surgery before after facelift botox

Beside the botox, Jennifer Esposito also got facelift . In this case she took facelift to make her face fresher and more youthful. We didn’t find any sagging skin left. However, the facelift made a new problem. Like the botox, the facelift was done a bit over aggressive. A person in forums criticized that Jennifer did useless thing. She lost her natural beauty. She also got her smile line lost. She look a bit fake when she smiled.

Jennifer Esposito actually had gracefully look and beautiful gene. It’s so unfortunate that she is not that confident. If she believed that she can be youthful without surgery, she might feel better today

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