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Jennifer Hawkins Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jennifer Hawkins had successfully made America shocked and proud. She used to be chosen by the world people as the Miss Universe 2004. At that time, she didn’t only had great intelligence but also beautiful and natural look. How ever along her career as a popular star, Jennifer might be not able to avoid plastic surgery attraction.She looked different due to this procedure. How’s your reaction to know your favorite went under the knife?

Jennifer Hawkins actually got some plastic surgery including nose job, botox and lip implants.

Jennifer Hawkins Plastic Surgery Nose job
Jennifer Hawkins Plastic Surgery Nose job

nose job
the first thing that was very obvious on her face was the nose job work. it’s medically known as rhinoplasty. Comparing her before nd after picture, we could see that her nose looked thinner an slimmer now.there’s no doubt that it was the result of a nose job instead.

Miss Universe, Jennifer Hawkins Plastic Surgery Before and After
Miss Universe, Jennifer Hawkins Plastic Surgery Before and After

the second procedure was the botox injection. Botox is no longer a rare thing in America, but knowing that the ex-miss universe do that thing made man people disappointed. They think that she didn’t need to waste some money to make her forehead smooth like now. She looked even better before she got botox. Now, her face looked very flawless with no wrinkles left. Some people commented that she looked older than her age after getting botox.

Lip Implants
another thing that change her face was the lip implants. The shape of her lips looked fuller than she used to have. it indicated a lip implants, or fillers injection on the lips. There are many questions about whom she is obsessed.We can’t say the lip implants looked bad, but she just did unnecessary thing.

talking about plastic surgery, Jennifer Hawkins ever told that she gave no reaction about the plastic surgery, but she claimed she felt good after having those things. What do you have in mind now? Did she really need plastic surgery?


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