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Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Who doesn’t know Jennifer Lopez? She is one of the most successful celebrities in America. Despite her age which will turn 50 in 4 years ahead, J-Lo still looks beautiful, fresh and hot. Many people are wondering how she keep her beauty so well like that. The thread of Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery can’t be avoided. The people assumed if some beauty enhancements were so reasonable to do by her. Was that true?

Jennife Lopez Plastic Surgery Speculation
Jennife Lopez Plastic Surgery Speculation

. J-Lo herself even denied this. When she was asked by “People” about her beauty secret. She told that she didn’t do any plastic surgery. She also explained if she did exercise and eat like the common people.

In 2013, a plastic surgeon, Dr. Ayham Al-Ayoubi ever made J-Lo feel disturbed. in twitter, the plastic surgeon told if J-Lo got surgery done. Jennifer Lopez then reply the Doctor’s statement. Of course, she denied it. Surprisingly, Dr. Ayham apologized about it. He also explained that the post in twitter was made by his assistance. This thing made Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery is still unproven.

Jennifer Lopez Breast Implants
Jennifer Lopez Breast Implants

Based on the speculations, Jennifer Lopez maybe get some procedures including facelift and botox. The people also noticed the change on the shape of her nose and the boobs too.

Jennifer Lopez Breast Implants and Nose Job.

The people notice the change on parts of her body. J-Lo got curvier body shape. Her boobs looked bigger and perfectly rounder than before. It looks more like breast implants result.

Jennifer Lopez Nose Job
Jennifer Lopez Nose Job

There was another possible procedure that he got. It was a rhinoplasty. Jennifer Lopez nose job was seen in the before and after picture. Her current nose looked slimmer.

Facelift and Botox.

J-Lo may get botox and mini work of facelift to keep her youthful and fresh look. If we consider it from the age and her appearance, we will realize that this thing was reasonable. J-Lo didn’t look as old a her age. She looks much younger. An amount of botox injection might be the secret behind her smooth look. Wile the minor facelift may have big role in tightening her facial skin.

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