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Jennifer Love Hewitt Plastic Surgery Before and After Boob job, Nose Job

Jennifer Love Hewitt had denied that she had gone under plastic surgery. However, her smooth looked today had brought a lot of questions and comments. Most of them believed that the rumors about she went under the knife was true. She had changed a lot. It smells like some beauty enhancements.
The plastic surgeries that she probably did included breast implants (boob job) and nose job ( see also Naya Rivera) .

Jennifer Love Hewitt Plastic Surgery Boob Job
Jennifer Love Hewitt Plastic Surgery Boob Job

Boob Job
many women commonly think that having a sexy and big breasts is a really interesting. It’s a sign of beauty and sexiness. Jennifer might think of this too. The sign of breast enhancements was seen from the change of it. The boobs looked bigger and rounder than before. From the perfect shape of her breast seen in the picture, the people don’t think that it naturally grew.
when she was asked about it, she claimed that she did no breast implants. the big siz of breast was caused by the push-up bra that she wore. Do you believe in what she said?Take a look at the before and after picture. is a natural big breast? or the implanted one?

Jennifer Love Hewitt Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Jennifer Love Hewitt Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Nose Job

another enhancement that Jennifer love got was a nose job.It’s medically called as rhinoplasty. The change of the nose is clearly seen. Her current nose seems different. In the before picture, her nose looked having a more bulbous tip. But in the after picture the tip looked smaller. The rhinoplasty also reshaped the ala and the bridge as well.

As we know that Jennifer had denied all the rumors and claimed that she is still the same jenny like she used to be.Even though, the plastic looked obvious. How do you see it? Does she look better?

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