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Did Jennifer Love Hewitt Have Plastic Surgery?

Jennifer Love Hewitt is a beloved actor around the world because she has been in the public eye for years. She is surging in popularity again because she is back on a new show called 911. She was also a singer back in the 90s, although her albums did not do so well commercially.


She then appeared with Sigourney Weaver in Heartbreakers, starred on Party of Five as Sarah Reeves Merrin, and did some other great movies like The Tuxedo with Jackie Chan. She starred as Melinda Gordon on the famous TV show Ghost Whisperer, earning her two Saturn Awards in 2007 and 2008.


She did several other great movies and TV shows, and released another album entitled BareNaked in 2002 which did well, peaking at chart position 36 on the Billboard Hot 100.


All this work can make even the most successful actor/singer look aged. So, the question is, did Jennifer Love Hewitt get plastic surgery? And if so what did she get?

Surgery Purpose


Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of those celebs who went under the knife for a prettier face and better physical appearance. She is married to actor Brian Hallisay and enjoys a happy relationship with him. She looks stunning despite having had a child-she looks as though she hasn’t had any at all!


She maintains a perfect figure with beautiful curves. With a body like that, it is inconceivable that she would take part in plastic surgery, but she did nonetheless. Jennifer Love Hewitt denies that she ever did any kind of plastic surgery.


Truth in Photos


Jennifer Love Hewitt is famous for her great body, and to maintain how good she looks, she very clearly has undergone some surgeries and implants to make sure she stays looking hot. It is shocking, but it is absolutely true. She was given a great body by the heavens above, and this type of body does not need any surgery.


She herself even said this! However, when you compare old photos and recent photos, you can definitely see a difference. She has most definitely gone under the knife for her nose, as well as her breasts, which have been augmented.


You can even tell that she did some liposuction as well as this has enabled her to gain more curves and gain even more attraction from her fans all around the world.


What is Lipo?

Liposuction is when you extract the fat from your body. There are serious speculations that Jennifer Love Hewitt has done this practice. They have spread around the Internet and Hollywood like a hot fire with petrol on it. This rumor surfaced for the first time when Jennifer Love Hewitt posed for the men’s magazine Maxim.


You can tell by looking at those very photos that her figure is a lot slenderer and so are her hips and arms. Of course, this may be the result of Photoshop or other digital retouches, which are so common among magazines today.


But even the best digital retouching cannot mask the truth. Jennifer Love Hewitt still claims that she never did any lipo, but you cannot hide such a great figure with all the makeup and photo-retouching in the world.


Did She Get A Nose Job?

There is serious speculation that Jennifer Love Hewitt did a rhinoplasty, or a nose job. We can see this most obviously when we look at her once very bulbous nose, which now has a very pointed shape, like it is a little ski slope.


It is important to note that the actress herself has never come out and stated that it was true, but the appearance is just too obvious. The shape of her old nose versus the new nose is very striking. She is beautiful either way, but the difference is shocking.


Breast Enhancement Surgery

Lastly, there is talk that Jennifer Love Hewitt underwent a breast augmentation. While Botox and nose jobs are nothing new for her, this surgery is a little strange for her to get. After all, she has a perfect figure so there is really no need to get such a surgery.


This is likely the reason why she is denying it so much. Yet she shows no shame over such a thing, adopting the mentality “the bigger the better” when it comes to breast size. From this, we can just lay the issue to rest and just focus on the good material she creates for the big and small screen.




While Jennifer Love Hewitt has had plastic surgery, there is no need for her to keep denying it. We all know it happened based on the photos. And even if it did not, she is a very gorgeous actress who needs nothing to look like a goddess.

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