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Jennifer Westfeldt Plastic Surgery Before and After

The story about Jennifer Westfeldt and the plastic surgery had already become nice topic few years ago. But till now, the rumor is still debatable and discussed. Moreover, Jennifer didn’t give any explanation about it. You may judge it in the comment box. Now take a look at the picture below. Do you see the difference? yes, definitely.

Jennifer Westfeldt Plastic Surgery Before and After
Jennifer Westfeldt Plastic Surgery Before and After

She actually got different shape of cheek. Many people speculated that the change of the cheek was caused by the cheek implants. Comparing her before and after picture. It was clearly seen that her cheek this day looked fuller. Unfortunately the new shape made her face a bit unnatural.

Another speculation told that her cheek fuller due to the weight gain.

For a 44 years old woman, she actually got youthful face. The people are impressed with the way she kept her appearance and skin. Her youthful appearance had made people curious. Some of them even believe that Jennifer got botox injection regularly.

In America botox injection is no longer rare thing. The people could get some botox treatment to fight the aging as long as they have money in their pocket.

Knowing that Jennifer Westfeldt is an actress, it seems she won’t have any problem with the money she should spend. The effect of the botox is seen clearly in her face. she got her forehead without wrinkles. It looked so smooth.

what do you have in mind after seeing her face?

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