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Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Jenny McCarthy is one of actresses who openly admitted plastic surgery work on her appearance. Donnie Wahlberg‘s wife had already told the public that she loved botox injection. Even though she had not admitted the other surgeries, the people know that she is not the one who will avoid the speculations. a Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Paul Nassif also noticed fillers injection usage on her face.

Earlier, Jenny also got breast changes few years ago. That are probably caused by a breast implants and implants removal.

Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery
Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery

botox injection and fillers injection

this kind of procedure was her favorite. she told the public that she liked how it worked on her face. She might get the injection regularly for years. that’s why she got a very smooth face without wrinkles and lines left. Jenny always looked youthful, even though her age has been over 40. For Jenny, botox injection was her savior for fighting the aging.
the fillers injection was done as a supporting procedure. To make her face looked fresh and chubby, she might used some fillers. It could be done on her cheek.

Beside rejuvenating her face, Jenny McCarthy also did other enhancements through nose job and breast implants

Jenny McCarthy Nose Job
Jenny McCarthy Nose Job

Nose Job
This kind of procedure is very popular. It had been a great trend among the celebrities. Jenny got this step too. It changed the shape of her nose significantly. If you see her current nose, and compare it with the previous one, you will see that her new nose looked narrower. It also reshaped the “ala” on the both side looked smaller. It was nicely done and match to her face.

Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery Breast Implants
Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Breast Implants

Another surgery that she got was the breast implants. the breast implants was done twice. she had ever removed the implants from her breast in 2009. Then she got another implants, and made her breast bigger (again). Many people questioned about it. They even wondered what she really felt about the works. did she feel comfortable with the fake things on her appearance?

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