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Jesinta Campbell Plastic Surgery Through Breast Implants

Jesinta Campbell is a model from Australia. Earlier, her name became so popular due to her participation at Miss Universe 2010. The 24 years old lady looked so attractive. Don’t you know that she had enhanced her look through surgery?

Jesinta Campbell plastic surgery is no longer an unrevealed thread. She had admitted having a beauty procedures in 2013. Jesinta told the Daily Telegraph that she got a boob job when she was younger. She increased the volume of her boobs from A to B.

Jesinta Campbell Plastic Surgery Through Breast Implants
Jesinta Campbell Plastic Surgery Through Breast Implants

However, Jesinta Campbell breast implants result didn’t make her better. When she was asked about her boob job, she explained that the boob job didn’t boost her confidence. But it doesn’t mean she fully regret it for it was her own decision. In an interview with The Weekly, Jesinta told a suggestion for all women. She explained that they need to think of a lot of things before having any kinds of procedure. And they need to get medical advice.

Jesinta was right. Plastic surgery is an option. More importantly, they need to think of the risk. Not all surgery procedures were done well. There are many cases which ended with regrets. You might know some plastic surgery gone wrong stories. Carla Bruni got hard day after surgery (read more about Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery). We hope that Jesinta would keep her appearance more naturaly and avoid any kinds of plastic surgery for a better lifestyle.

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