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Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jessica Alba is one of the hottest actresses in America. She ever played a role in Fantastic Four movie as Sue Storm. The 34 years old actress looks beautiful and fresh. However, some speculation appeared approaching her lately. It’s related to her way maintaining the beauty. Jessica Alba plastic surgery thread can’t be avoided. It is hot topic in some forums.

Jessica Alba Nose Job
Jessica Alba Nose Job

Many people noticed if he looked so different from she used to be. And they thought that it was not the effect of make up. It’s more like plastic surgery result. She possibly got a nose job (rhinoplasty) and kinds of fillers injection.

Jessica Alba nose job

This beautiful actress was said having a nose job to refine the shape of the nose. You may try to compare the before and after picture. Did you notice the change? The nose got slimmer shape. It also appeared with straighter shape. Her previous nose (see in the before picture), used to have a more bulbous tip.Then it turned smaller after rhinoplasty.

Her new nose looks match for her face. It looks good.Some people sastill feel curious about why she got her nose done.The rhinoplasty itself has become atrend in America. Many celebrities had gone under the same procedure. Demi Lovato is one of singer who got the same procedure (read more about Demi Lovato plastic surgery)

Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery
Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery

Lip Augmentation

Did she get he lips done through a procedure? Some people told that It could be a lip augmentation. Her lips looked having fullers shape. However, this thing is still debatable. because, since she was young, her lips had already been full. We can’t see it for sure whether it was lip augmentation or not.

Do you have any idea about her current appearance? What do you think of Jessica Alba plastic surgery?


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