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Jillian Hall Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants

Jillian hall might be one of the most controversial female wrestler. The change on her appearance had made many people in forums shocked. she got some changes on her appearance through plastic surgery. She actually got Breast implants and lip augmentation. The size of her breast is so big. It made her looked very sexy and hot.She also might get botox injection too.
You might feel very surprised if you compare between her before and after picture.In the past she just look like an ordinary female wrestler and now she looked having curvier body with a bomb shell on her chest.

Jillian Hall Plastic Surgery before After
Jillian Hall Plastic Surgery Before and After

Breast Implants.
The change on her breast size is quite significant. The people wondered why she need to do it. She might feel very hot and sexy with her new big breast. But some people think that she had wasted a lot of money for fake bust.Seeing her appearance today. Jillian Looked very hot. Her boob become people’s attention and hot topic. Jillian hall also got her slimmer body. It might be tight diet or plastic surgery too.

Botox and lip injection.

the other surgeries which take a role on her appearance are the botox and lip injection. The botox had completely made her face far from wrinkles. her afce looked so smooth. The wrinkles had been removed by this. while the lip injection made her lips look fuller.
However, she wa criticized by public that she didn’t control the amount of botox well. She looked a bit frozen. The botox and fillers she used is overdone. She didn’t look natural at all.

The controvversial wrestler might feel confident with her sexiness. She also seems ignored what many people think of her. What do you have in mind about her current look??

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