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Jimmy Fallon Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jimmy Fallon is best know as an American TV Host. you should already know about him ho had hosted several TV show like Saturday Nigh Live, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, etc. More or less 2 years ago, Jimmy Fallon got a problem from Bruce Jenner. it was probably caused by Jimmy’s joke about Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery. Fortunately, this case had been calmed down along with Jimmy’s apology about it. But we won’t talk about it. We will focus on Jimmy Fallon plastic surgery possibility.

Jimmy Fallon Plastic surgery
Jimmy Fallon Plastic surgery

To be honest, Jimmy Fallon didn’t look too plastic. he still look fresh and youthful. But considering from his appearance today, the surgery procedure might be more reasonable. Jimmy Fallon now is 40 years old. We don’t see any clear changes from his appearance, We just see his face looked youthful and smooth even though he is getting older. That’s why the people believed that Jimmy played botox injection to keep his appearance fresh as always.

The botox might be the reason behind his smooth face. You can see that Jimmy’s current face didn’t show any sign of aging, It looked completely fresh. He even looked never old. He is ageless. It reminded us to Donnie Wahlberg (Jenny McCarthy‘s husband). Donni also looked more youthful than before.

Except the botox, we don’t think that he got another surgery. What do you have in mind about his smooth look? Is it plastic surgery result? Leave a comment then


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