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Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Joan Rivers, 81 is one of the old celebrities who made many people shocked due to her controversial movement. From time to time Joan Rivers got multiple changes. Those things were said as an extreme plastic surery result. Was it good or bad surgery? You can decide it easily after seeing her before after picture. She looked so horrible today. the plastic surgery that she took seems run badly. Seeing the changes on her apperance, the people speculated that she might do breast implants, facelift, nose job and botox . She might also got liposuction to make her body perfect.

Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Breast Implants
Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Breast implants
as everybody know that a breast implant is a procedure that many people do to make the breast bigger than before. Joan Rivers who is no longer young woman was said having this procedure too. Comparing the size of her breast in the past, it seems her current breast looked rounder and bigger. However, many people asked the reason or even criticized her decision. They said that Joan rivers is too old to get this procedure. Who is the one who inspired her to get big breast?

joan rivers before and after plastic surgery
joan rivers before and after plastic surgery

There’s no doubt if her shocking appearance was done by multiple facelift. In that age, joan river got a very tight and flawless facial skin. She ddoesn’t have any sagging skin left on her face. Ubfortunately her obsesseion to live with a more youthful look didn’t run as she has wished. Her face looked so frozen and weird. She lost her natiural beauty. Many people feel sorry for what happen to her. She must take the risk.

Botox Injection
The botox is behind her smooth forehead. a big amount of botox had been injected on her forehead. The botox removed all the wrinkles. Does she really hate being old? Her decicion made her face look not good. Moreover, for a woman who is over 80. She looked too strange and unnatural.

Nose job
another enhancement that sh etook was the nose job, or called rhinoplasty. This procedure had reshaped her nose onto a new style. According to the medias, the shape of ther current nowse was caused by multiple nose job. At the last, she got narrower nose. But the shape looked not match on her face. the shape look like a dragonfly.

Joan rivers should try to live more naturallly, and keep her beauty and health in better way. palstic surgery is not always the answer. She had spent alot of money for fake things. And She was punished by the bad result too. The work showed us about how plastic surgery gone wrong.

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