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Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After

Joan van ark might never think that plastic surgery could be so cruel. Joan Van Ark, the American actress had been listed by the chatters as the plastic surgery victim. She got a very horrible and weird look. She is so plastic and unnatural.How could it be? You can see the transformation in the before and after picture.

A plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn believed that Joan’s weird face was caused by the plastic surgery. Some kinds of procedures she got were facelift, botox, fillers injection, eyelid surgery, nose job.

Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery Before and After
Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery Before and After

Facelift and botox

we have clearly known the reason why she got these two things. She already got the aging problems. Wrinkles sagging skin and many more. Seeing her very tight face, there’s no doubt if it was the result of facelift. unfortunately, it went too tight. Her face looked so frozen. The botox also made her forehead go shinier and flawless. It looked full of plastic.

Eyelid surgery.

Dr. Anthony Youn noticed the shape of the eyes as the sign of eyelid urgery. Dr. Youn saw a hollow on the upper side of her eyes. The new shape of her eyes looked strange and scary. She almost look like a doll. Was she influenced by barbie?

Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery
Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery

fillers injection

Now, you may take  look at her lips. You will see that her lips was done badly. It didn’t have clear shape. It looked swollen and frozen. The weird shape made her face even worse.

Nose Job

another plastic surgery that she got on her face was the nose job. The difference is very obvious. Her current nose looked having a narrower bridge. The shape of the new nose look like a dragonfly. Her previous nose looked much better.

Many people feel disappointed and sympathized  Joan van Ark’s current condition. But they still hope that she could be recovered soon. And they also wish Joan will never do that again.

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