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Jodie Sweetin’s Plastic Surgery Enhancements

Jodie Sweetin is best known for her role as Stephanie Tanner on Full House, which ran from 1987 to 1995. She was five years old when the show made its primetime debut, and she is forever in the hearts of many fans as Danny’s middle daughter. Eight years later, at thirteen years old, Jodie said goodbye to her job and her television family.

In 2016, Jodie reprised the role of Stephanie Tanner in the Netflix sitcom, Fuller House. Fuller House co-stars previous Full House cast members Candance Cameron Bure (DJ Tanner), and Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler). Guest appearances have been made by original cast members Bob Saget (Danny Tanner), John Stamos (Uncle Jesse), Dave Coulier (Joey), and Lori Laughlin (Aunt Becky).

Aside from the Full House success, Jodie has appeared in various guest appearance roles as well as on a season of Dancing with the Stars.

Getting Personal

Jodie Sweetin has been married and divorced three times. She was only twenty years old when she married the first time. That marriage lasted less than four years and her divorce was finalized in 2006.

Her second marriage lasted less than three years. Her daughter Zoie, now eight, was born during that marriage.

Her third marriage ended in September 2016 after four and a half years. She had a second child with her third husband. Beatrix is now six.

Jodie has remained close with her Full House family over the years. Candance Cameron Bure was her maid of honor at her first wedding in 2002. Candace’s daughter was the flower girl.

Jodie was adopted as a toddler because her birth parents were in prison when she was born. Her Uncle Sam and his wife took her in as a nine-month-old, but the adoption wasn’t finalized until she was two.

Despite her successful acting career, Jodie has faced dark times in her life.


Jodie has been open about her past struggles with drug and alcohol abuse. She claims that when Full House ended in 1995, she was lost and didn’t know how to grieve. She sank into a deep depression. She had not only lost her job, but she lost everything he knew. It had been her life since she was five.

Jodie turned to addiction to deal with her struggle. She claims she had her first alcoholic drink at just fourteen years old.

After becoming addicted to crystal meth, Sweetin’s life spun out of control. She also did cocaine and now admits that she once drove drunk with her baby daughter in the car.

Jodie chronicled her spiral into drug and alcohol addiction in her memoir, unSweetined, which was released in November 2009.

Jodie has now been sober for five years. She now speaks to college students about her addictions and what it was like to grow up on television.jodie-sweetin-plastic-surgery-1

Looking the Part

As with most Hollywood actresses, Jodie has felt the pressure to look a certain way. Actresses are expected to remain youthful and flawless as they age. To maintain a successful career, many actresses will go to extreme lengths.

Jodie herself has been quoted as saying that competition is fierce once you become an adult. As a result, she has altered her appearance to remain successful in the public eye.

While some actresses have been known to go too far in altering their appearance, Jodie made good decisions in her plastic surgery choices. She chose to enhance the beauty she already possessed rather than change her look.

Plastic Surgery for Jodiejodie-sweetin-before-and-after-plastic-surgery-30

At age thirty-four, Jodie still looks youthful and innocent. There are no appearances of lines or wrinkles on her face. Rumors indicate that this is due to Botox and cheek implants.

Although Sweetin denies these rumors, there is evidence in before and after photos. Her cheeks are significantly fuller. They look smooth and flawless. With the combination of the implants and botox, her pretty face looks fresh, smooth and flawless. These procedures have enhanced her natural beauty and likely covered some of the remaining effects of her previous addictions.

Jodie has also gone under the knife to increase her breast size. She previously had small breasts and chose to upsize them in a significant way. The difference between the before and after is very noticeable.

Every woman has the right to alter her body to improve her look, and that is what Jodie did. Some fans have criticized her increased breast size claiming she went overboard and chose breasts that are much too big. Others feel that she made the right choice. Her larger breasts suit her body frame and look much better than her natural, small breasts.

Jodie doesn’t seem to care what people think or say. She has openly discussed her choice to have plastic surgery to enlarge her breasts. She is happy with her current appearance. This is obvious in how she carries herself. She walks with more confidence.

Jodie looks beautiful and sexy now. She clearly loves her new body and takes pride in dressing it. She is happy to show off her sultry cleavage in revealing shirts and dresses.

The botox injections and cheek implants have left her looking youthful and stunning. It appears that she’s barely aged since Full House ended in 1995. Twenty years later, she still has the girl next door beauty that was beginning to blossom when we first said goodbye to Stephanie Tanner.

Her plastic surgery was well done and a good choice for her. It gives her enhanced beauty as she celebrates overcoming addiction and depression. Her dark days are behind her. She can embrace her womanhood and feel proud of her appearance, as well as her accomplishments.

Revamped Career

Jodie has successfully restarted her career after years of struggle. She began 2016 as part of the twenty-second season of Dancing with the Stars. Partnered with Keo Motsepe, she was eliminated just before the semi-finals.

Being on Dancing with the Stars brought Jodie back to one of her many passions, dancing. Many episodes of Full House saw Jodie ‘busting a move’ as the loveable Stephanie Tanner.

Jody welcomed another career victory in 2016 with Fuller House, which premiered on Netflix. This show reunited her with most of the Full House original cast, with the exception of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Jodie has said that the Full House family has remained close over the years, and remained a part of each other’s personal lives. Fuller House was just like coming home.

Finally, Happy

Although she recently saw the end of her third marriage, Jodie has expressed that she is happier than ever. She has two beautiful daughters and has found acting success again as Stephanie Tanner.

Jodie has many fans who are excited to have her back in the spotlight. They are rooting for her. They want to see her do well and are thrilled at the success of Fuller House.

Fans are proud to see her come out of her struggles with addiction. She is five years sober and using her personal experiences to help others.

Not only is Jodie beautiful on the outside, she is beautiful on the inside as well. Good for her for taking control of her life and doing what makes her feel confident.

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