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Joe Biden Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr or best known as “Joe Biden” is the current vice president of the US. You may have already known that he had spent a lot of time on his career as a politician. As the 2nd greatest persons in US, Joe Biden had become the people’s attention. They didn’t only watch his steps and movements in government, his fresh appearance also become warm thread in forums. Many people are wondering of Joe Biden got beauty enhancement like John Kerry (read more about John Kerry plastic surgery).

Joe Biden Plastic Surgery Possibility
Joe Biden Plastic Surgery Possibility

Was Joe Biden plastic surgery true?

In fact, the thread about Joe Biden plastic surgery possibility was still unproven. That’s why some people were discussing about this possibility. If only he got some plastic surgery done then he might get at least botox and facelift as an enhancement. Because those two procedures have become great combination as aging problem solver.

Joe Biden Facelift

Considering from his age and his look, the usage of botox and facelift was reasonable. Mr. Joe has been over 70. You can see that he looks fresh and youthful. He appeared with smooth and wrinkle-less look. His facial skin still looks fine and tight. Commonly a man in this age may get significant aging problem. Therefore, the people believed that Joe Biden plastic surgery made it all possible. The facelift should be the major work that made his face fresher like today.

Joe Biden Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor
Joe Biden Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Another possible beauty enhancement that she got was the botox injection. He maybe benefited with this injection. The result was seen from his forehead and some parts of his face. Joe Biden got flawless face without wrinkles and lines appeared.

Did he get another beauty enhancements?

 We don’t think that he got another major work. But, some supporting procedures like fillers may have a small role too. What do you have in mind about Joe Biden plastic surgery possibility?


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