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Joel McHale Hair Transplant Before And After Photos

Joel McHale is the funniest and stands out in the best comedian and talented actor’s category. He is an American humorist who was born in 1971. He has been recognized because of his fine work in the acting industry and is admired of his great work and ethics.


This 42years old guy has worked in many films and is a well known television personality. He has a great body as in this glamour world he has to maintain his charm to keep up the pace in this competitive world and when it comes to Hollywood then it becomes the necessity of every actor or actress to keep a check on his/ her appearance. As in this field beauty and handsomeness is the key to boost the career or it won’t be sham to say that it is mandatory requirement to sustain the existence in this limelight world which demands good looks and perfection.

And Joel McHale is positioned in the same category.  He is in the crest due to his hard work and is a famous celeb. To maintain this position he can do anything. By this statement we mean to say that in front of the camera men and women are same and people want to see pretty faces and perfect body and male celebrities are equally high in this demand class. Nowadays it’s very common to hear news on female celebs undergoing knifes to enhance her appearances in terms of breast surgeries, nose job or skin tightening.

But the speculation which we are opening here is about the Joel Mchale’s hair transplantation. If you take a close look to his before and after pictures you will recognize a drastic change in the face of the Joel and this change is not due to any nose surgery or lips surgery in fact nothing is being done to his skin. It’s all about his hairs which is easily recognizable.  Since recent years the 42year old actor has pretty radical change in his hair line which created a buzz about his baldness in the media. 

Before pictures shows a temporal peak in the front head but the new pictures are stunning as the baldness has gone completely and that is the reason why this TV celebrity is being speculated of undergoing hair transplanting. He looks younger than his actual age and looks stunning. Many people even say that his new look has added a freshness to his personality enhancing his overall persona.

There is no official news that this celeb has undergone such transplant though many people agrees with the rumor that little ado to improve the personality by the actor is fair enough and has made him look an Adonis man. Hope his fans will love to watch him on the television with this new startling youthful look. It won’t be wrong to say that Joel has undergone a dramatic change with just a touch of surgeon’s knife on his head.

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