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John Kerry Plastic Surgery Before and After

John Kerry is not an actor or celebrity. But his popularity is quite high in America. he is now known as US state secretary.
The 70 years old man looked so youthful today. Therefore, the people said that John Kerry had already tried plastic surgery to enhance his look. You might feel surprised. He looked 30 years younger than his age.

From his before and after picture, it seems she had done some procedures including Botox Injections, Facelift, Facial Fillers and Nose Job.

Botox injection and facelift.
These procedure are commonly used by the people who is over 30s. Most the users did those to rejuvenate the face. In John Kerry’s case, He did those two and made his face fresher. the facelift tightened his facial skin very well. he no longer got sagging skin since he got facelift. While, the botox injection removed all wrinkles on the forehead.

John Kerry Plastic Surgery Before and After
John Kerry Plastic Surgery Before and After

Facial fillers
fillers injection like juvederm or restylane might have been used by him as well. The fillers had an important role in his facial change.He got fillers at least in cheek and some other areas on his face. This made his rejuvenation program successful.

John Kerry Plastic Surgery Nose job
John Kerry Plastic Surgery Nose job

Nose Job
another enhancement which he got on his face was possibly a nose job. The sign of the procedure can be seen from the change of his nose.

However, because of he is a great person in America, the media reported that his subordinate tried to deny all the rumors approaching him. John Kerry himself didn’t explain it yet and looked having no desire to tell the truth.

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