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John Stamos Plastic Surgery fact or Rumor

John Stamos might have surprised some of us. How could? It’s his look, his appearance. Everybody know that John Stamos is no longer young man. He has been over 50 now. But his appearance didn’t look that old. He looked fresh and youthful. That’s why some people assumed that Mr. John had taken plastic surgery procedures to keep his face fresh. At least he might do botox and facelift. John Stamos plastic surgery might be not just an issue

John Stamos Plastic Surgery Before and After
John Stamos Plastic Surgery Before and After

Botox injection

You must have known about botox injection. this procedure had become the first choice for many celebrities in Hollywood. It can save their appearance from any signs of aging. John Stamos might get his face injected with botox. if you see his appearance today. you might feel curious about what he did to keep his face so younger. He looked the same as he was 10 years ago. and his face looked having no wrinkles or lines.


beside the botox injection.  He might also get facelift for a nice combination. You know that if someone got combination of facelift and botox, they will get great sensation when they were done well. John Stamos probably got the same things. His face looked tight and not sagging. Even though he has been 50 today, but his appearance still look 40.  We felt doubt if it was a natural treatment. You might remember how well Donnie Wahlberg’s current appearance is, despite his age is not young anymore.

What do you have in mind? Do you think that he treated her appearance well in natural way?Share your comments in the box then.

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