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John Travolta Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

John Travolta is known well as a talented man. He is not only good in singing and dancing, but he is also a great actor. Now, he has been 61 years old. He is not young anymore. Surprisingly, he didn’t look like a common 60s man. he looked younger. It reminded us with Arnold Schwarzenegger who was said having plastic surgery. Did John get surgery too?

John Travolta Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor
John Travolta Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Plastic surgery in celebrities in America looked so close. Many of them had already gone under this beauty enhancement for some reason. Some of them went under the knife due to the aging problem. And not less of them wanted to be more perfect by having some improvements.

In John Travolta’s case, it seems he went under the knife for the aging problem. As you known that he had been over 50. This is the age where many signs of aging┬álike wrinkles, lines, sagging skin, are approaching. Let’s see whether John Travolta plastic surgery was true or not.

John Travolta Plastic Surgery Facelift Botox
John Travolta Plastic Surgery Facelift Botox

John Travolta Facelift and Botox possibility

Considering from his age and appearance. the usage of facelift and botox looked very possible. Moreover, John Travolta had already got enough reason to get these. If you take a look at his appearance today, you might realize that he might get help from doctor to keep his face younger.

He might get facelift as the main procedure in rejuvenating his face. As you see, he got no sagging skin around his face. It looked completely tight and fresh. He looks like a 40s years man. The facelift should be the main factor behind this.

Besides, he might also get the advantage from the botox injection on his forehead. The botox had been used to make the wrinkles disappeared from the face. It seems the magic of botox had touched his forehead as well.

However, John Travolta looks a bit unnatural. The work of both botox and facelift were not done well. It’s unfortunate. Did you see his picture in 2015?

Despite he has not confirmed anything about his plastic surgery speculations, the people believed that John Travolta plastic surgery might be not just a pure rumor.

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